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Highlight Row Color in SharePoint 2010 List items

There is a cool new feature in SharePoint 2010 which will let you to color the list rows based on specific criteria. SharePoint designer 2010 has this new feature and here is the steps to do it.

Here, I use default Tasks list for demo purpose.

1. Open SharePoint 2010 designer and open the site=>list=>view which you want to highlight.

2. Choose the View where you want to highlight the color. I choose “All Tasks” view.



3. In the “All Items.aspx” window in SharePoint 2010, click on the WebPart. It will activate other Ribbon Tabs to customize the view.


4. In “Option” tab, you can see an option “Conditional Formatting” where you can format Row & Column as you wish.


5. Once you chose “Format Row” option, it will show a dialog box where you can provide the condition and format information.



6. You can see the applied formatting in the designer itself. (I have taken this snapshot on 27th December 2010.)


7. List view will be shown like below.


Note : Whenever you make a change in the SharePoint designer, save the content and refresh the data to publish the modified view into SharePoint site.

Though this is a simple feature, hope you would enjoy it since no code needed to achieve this feature.


SharePoint 2010 Wallpapers

Some cool SharePoint 2010 wallpapers are available in the below links.

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LINQ to SharePoint DSL Extension for Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 does not have a built-in tool to generate the classes for SharePoint lists which can be done by SPMetal utility. It makes some inconvenient while working with Linq to SharePoint. Now, this problem is rectified with the help of Visual Studio extension which will generate the necessary SharePoint classes(Schema) for you.

Please check this page for more information about this tool. Cool integration and avoids the lot of hurdles in development. Smile

Useful resources/links to get start with SharePoint 2010

Here are some links which will be useful to get start with SharePoint 2010

1. SharePoint 2010 Evaluation Virtual Machine – This Virtual Machine is provided by Microsoft to work with their Hands On Lab and they provide 180 days of evaluation period which is more than enough to learn this technology.

2. Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010 on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 – This will help you to configure the machine if you have a dedicated 64 Bit machine for development environment.

3. There are several videos also there to explain about how to install SharePoint 2010 server. I have given couple of links for your reference.

Installing SharePoint Server 2010

MSDN Video: Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Installation

4. SharePoint 2010 Materials

A) Blogs or Documentation :

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B) Videos :

Channel 9 – SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Course

C) Downloads & Code

MSDN Code Gallery

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D) Development Tools

SharePoint Designer 2010

SharePoint Developer Tools in Visual Studio 2010 (Trial Version)

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Hope this would help for people who are interested to learn SharePoint 2010.